Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you'll find the answers to the questions we are most frequently asked about our service. If you can't find the information you're looking for, feel free to contact us!

Blue Grotto

Does the ticket include entrance to the Blue Grotto?
No, even though some boat companies state the contrary, you will have to pay to enter the Blue Grotto separately, at the entrance to the cave. The Blue Grotto is a state-owned cultural property.
When is the Blue Grotto open to the public?
The Blue Grotto is open from 09.00 to 17.00, sea and general weather conditions permitting. Visitors enter the Grotto via a 1 meter high cavity: in rough or high seas, it is impossible to access the cave.
Is the Blue Grotto open in the winter?
Yes, when sea conditions are favorable, the Grotto is open in winter too.
Can you swim inside the Blue Grotto?
During the day, the steady procession of boats going in and out of the cave makes swimming impossible. When the Blue Grotto is closed, entry is prohibited.
How long does the trip to the Blue Grotto take?
The journey from Marina Grande, the visit to the cave, and return, will take about an hour.

Trip around the island

How long does the trip around the island take?
The trip all the way around the island takes about 2 hours and includes the stop at the Blue Grotto.
Is the visit of the Blue Grotto obligatory?
The boat will stop to allow those who want to visit the sea cave to do so. If you don't want to go inside the Grotto, you are welcome to stay on board!
Does the ticket include entrance to the Blue Grotto?
No, you will have to pay to see the Grotto at the entrance of the cave (see response to question above).
Do you offer other trips too?
Yes, we also organize trips sailing around the Faraglioni, departing from Marina Grande and arriving at the Siren's rock, where you can take a photo of the sea with the Faraglioni in the background.
Do you offer discounted rates for groups ?
Yes, contact us for a quote.

Private excursions

Do you rent boats without crew?
No, we only rent boats manned by a skipper.
Is it possible to fish from the boat?
Yes, but we'll need to know beforehand so that we can reserve the right type of craft. If you want to organize a fishing trip, let us know in advance!
Can I take a shower on the boat?
Yes, all of the boats used for private excursions are equipped with soft water shower.
I'm in Capri but I haven't got any of the things I need for a day at sea, can you help?
No problem, on request we will get you anything and everything you need: swimming costumes, beach towels, face masks and flippers etc...
Do you have children's life jackets?
Of course: all our boats are equipped with life jackets for both adults and children. In addition, all our passengers are covered by our company insurance.

Transfers and charters

Do you do night-time transfers?
Yes, we are often asked to provide nocturnal transportation for customers going to a party, discotheque, or attending an important evening event. The time you go and the time you come back are entirely up to you!
I need to organize a transfer for more than 150 people. Is that possible?
For groups which exceed 150 passengers, we can organize a transfer using more than one boat. We often provide such a service for wedding parties, when the bride and groom travel on their own private boat and their guests sail on boats behind them, forming a floating procession.
Is there room on your boats for large suitcases?
Yes, when you book your transfer let us know just how many suitcases you intend to bring and we will book a suitable boat for you.